Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How I keep myself sane with an iPhone.

I was reading this blogpost from Styleberry blog and found it very interesting.
This blogger made some rules for herself, so that she would spend more time with her kids without her phone. I was writing a comment with the things I do, but it became such a long comment, that I decided to write some more and turn it into a blogpost.

I recognize myself in not wanting to use my phone every second, especially when spending time with someone. Not instagramming/facebooking/texting while you’re with friends.
Having an Iphone is great, but I always feel a lot of pressure. "Did you see my text, why didn't you respond to my mail/text/fb message, bla bla."
And then there’s our business. I don’t know why, but people expect you to be available 24 hours a day. I run a business, but I’m a human being too. I’ve got opening hours too. And even after the crazy hours, also a life...
But I won’t lose my mind over this. I refuse to. So I made myself some rules.

1. No notifications of social media or anything else on my iPhone.
I only see notifications when I open the apps, and it makes it more fun (like opening a present haha).

Work emails do not come in on my iPhone. I work every day in the office, so then I respond my work emails/calls on my computer. And with that, I'm fast, making sure the communication is smooth. 

2. I do not respond to texts from clients or employees.
Call me or email me, texting is not done. Some things cán wait. Even if they seem very important.
I’ve heard this one a couple of times:
 “You have an Iphone, so you got my email when I sent it, and you should respond immediately!” 
See rule nr 1.

3. Texts come in without sound or buzzing.
I love this one. No annoying sounds. And I love the feeling of seeing new texts on the screen.
Let's be honest, we check our phone so often, why the huge alarm when getting a text? 
And I also respond when I have time. No pressure.

4. No instagramming/facebooking/texting when I'm with friends.
We can do that later. Nothing is more stupid than having dinner with your friends, and everyone is staring at their iPhones. Constantly reading the loudly incoming messages. Responding while talking and eating. Big no no in my opinion.

Sidenote: I make sure people know how I communicate, so it’s always clear en not (too) frustrating. AND, I don’t expect others to be available every minute and don’t expect people to reply me immediately. Give to others what you'd like to receive from the world.
Via Pinterest

I realize that a lot of people don’t agree on all the things above. Why have an iPhone, but not “use it properly”?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still an iPhone addict! I love posting Instagrams, love reading Facebook timelines and call & text a lot with my friends and family. But I don’t need the pressure of doing it NOW. I like to use my phone the way I want to, so it keeps me sane. And keeping myself sane is more important to me, than responding to every little thing as soon as possible.

How do you use your phone? 

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