Friday, 4 January 2013

High five for holidays!

Back with a High five post!

What a lovely Christmasbreak it has been. 
As I told you in my previous posts, hubs and I went to Egypt on vacation. 

These are my holiday high fives:

1. Presents!
We celebrate Christmas with our family earlier. We got awesome gifts!
I got the dvd boxes of Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy. Not a surprise, ‘cause I ask for the new season of Grey’s Anatomy every year with Christmas. But I'm happy with it!
And my hubs gave me a fantastic Ipad Mini. I LOVE that thing! It fits in my purse :-)

2. Our Christmastree.
We didn’t have a real tree this year, but I made it comfy anyway with a small fake tree and decorations. Cute, right?

3. Mini Santa.
Our nephew. We bought him a mini Santa pajama.

4. Egyptian Christmas.
This is always a big event! Music, dancing, lots of people in a huge tent. And an incredible dinner…
Not to mention the cocktails at the pool, and being in the sun all day long.

I know, I'm obsessed with taking pictures of food...
5. New Years Eve.
We celebrated it with some dear friends. And there was fooood!
Bruschetta, spinach quiche, home made herb butter, fish and lots of other good stuff. And of course a lot of wine, prosecco, champagne and white chocolate liquor…

Hope you had wonderful holidays too!

I wish you all the best for 2013 and hope you keep following my little blog.

Happy new year!!

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