Friday, 22 February 2013

High five for Friday... or Saturday

After weeks of being silent on the blog, I decided to push myself, make some pics and write that Fridaypost. Well, at least, if it were still Friday.
Here in Holland, it’s almost midnight, so technically almost Saturday.
But over there where you are, I still have time :-)

So here we go!
My faves of this week:

1. My hubs buys me the Cosmopolitan every month. :-)

2. Morning cappuccino’s are the best when I can’t seem to wake up!

3. I got a little flower from a student. It was for Valentine’s day. And to let you see how little it is, I put my Iphone next to it. So darn cute!

4. Which brings me to my new Iphone case! I use to have a Kate Spade one for my old Iphone, with lovely colourful stripes, but my wallet can’t handle a Kate Spade right now. So I bought the next best thing. Which was this cute pink polka dotted case! And because I couldn’t choose which colour I wanted, I decided to buy the green one as well. They were 2 English pounds each. My wallet smiled at me.

5. New boots! I really, really, really needed new ones. The old ones were dying. Holes in the bottom, broken heels, a thousand fixes to keep them alive. I love them, I’ve been wearing them for years. But then, these new ones yelled at me. “Buy me, buy me, buy me!”
So I did. My wallet didn’t smile this time. But she won’t be seeing new boots in a long time now. She’ll come around.

Off to bed… We’re getting up early for a nice trip to France! Drinking wine, eating French cheese and just enjoying a nice and quiet time in a cute cottage of friends of ours. In my first High five for Friday, you can read where I’m going!

I'm linking up with Lauren as usual.

Have a great weekend!

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