Friday, 1 March 2013

High five for France!

Oh what a lovely week it has been. We’ve been spending a couple of days in Normandy, France. It was cold, but we enjoyed our days with some shopping, cooking, eating and watching movies.

My five faves of this week:

1. Driving to France
It took about six hours to get to Normandy. My hubs drove the whole way, singing all the time.

2. Basilique in Lisieux
It was peaceful and quiet, because of so little tourists in this time of year. So we got to take pics without other people on it and walk slowly through the basilique.

3. Les macarons
First time I tried it. Delicious! And now I know how they’re supposed to taste, I want to try making them sometime. Have you tried it? It seems to be not that easy.

4. Wine and food.
Lots. Of. Wine.
The French are serious about it. This is my hubs in the supermarket. So much too choose from!
And food... well, what's not to love about food. Hubs tried some new recipes.

5. Le MacDo
And yes, we went to the McDonalds one time! 
French McDonalds is just like Dutch McDonalds. Except when you have to order. Stay tuned for my Macdo-post this week! 

My hubs made pacmans from the French cheese. Not kidding.

Have a great weekend!

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