Saturday, 11 May 2013

London favorites nr 1: musicals!

My husband and I try to go to London every year in February. We love to see new musicals and to shop and eat there. This year was a bit more difficult, so we didn’t visit this year.
But… I wanted to go soooo bad, so we saved some money, we found a tiny hole in our busy schedule and I booked us a last minute 2 day trip to London.

Normally we go four days. And then we like to see two musicals a day. (I know, we’re nuts, but we love it. And in a way, it’s a business trip too!)
So this time, we’re trying to squeeze in three musicals in two days.
We’re going just after Whitsun, so I can’t write about this trip, but I will tell you some of my highlights over the past few years!

This post is about musicals, musicals, musicals…

Singin' in the rain was one of my favorites. I loved the dancers. The old fashioned musical jazzdance and tapdance were gorgeous and it’s such a shame it’s not a part of many modern musicals.
We were in the front row and got wet… But it was totally worth it!

Matilda was also awesome.
As a musicaltheatre teacher it’s so great to see lots of talented kids on one stage. This is not a musical where there’s also a kid (like Miss Saigon), it’s a musical done by kids and supported by some adults.
Absolutely fantastic and my dream for our musicalschool.

The photo under Singin' in the rain was the stage of Matilda.
Avenue Q is one the first musicals I saw in London. 
I was with two friends and we also visited a lot of shows.
The last night, I decided to go to Avenue Q. Again. Second time that week. I was sitting in the second row and one of the actors winked at me, obviously recognizing me from a few nights ago. Awkward. I love musicals, I love to see a lot of them, but I am not a girly fan who asks for autographs and stuff. Again, awkward. Thankfully, the next time I saw the show was two years later. 

We will rock you! I can see this one over and over again.
In fact, I’ve seen it twice in London, once in Cologne (Germany) and once in the Netherlands. And it doesn’t get boring. I love the Queen music, the weird story (which is the worst actually), the great singers and the Bohemian Rhapsody in the end.
Nice little story:
A couple of years ago I was auditioning for a show (can’t remember which one). The pianist asked me what I was going to sing and when I said: “Somebody to love”, he was soooo excited.
He had been playing piano in the We Will Rock You orchestra for three years and totally missed that show. When I finished, he complimented me and told me how well I sang it. Cool! I've never sung that song better than that time. He was fantastic.

On the right we were visiting Shrek (loved it too).
The worst show I’ve ever seen in London?
There are two. One was Dirty Dancing. Great singers, great dancers.
But nobody puts Patrick Swayze in a corner.
It wasn’t the real stuff.
The second awful show was a play. Can’t remember the name. It was so dull.
My two friends went with me, because it was cheap. Why I went? Orlando Bloom was in it.
But listen to me my friend: Don’t ever let that be a reason to go to a play.

I’m so excited. Next week London!
Check back tomorrow for my favorite shopping and sightseeing in London!

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