Sunday, 12 May 2013

London favorites nr 2: Shopping and sightseeing.

This is part two of my London favorites. For part one, click here.

In fabulous London, it’s all about shopping till you drop. The huge stores on Oxford Street, the little shops in Covent Garden, the famous Harrod’s. Shopping is great in London.

I visited the Primark last year. That one is always incredibly crowded, so I went in at 10.00 AM sharp. And it was nice and quiet. By the time it got crowded, I decided to go fit.
Mistake. I took too much time collecting my stuff (it was just 15 minutes!), so there was already a line.
I waited for 45 minutes.
Forty-freakin-five minutes.
I was a little bit annoyed I didn’t get more items to fit. I just had three. The good news? Two of the three items were good, so I bought those. One was jeans, for ten English pounds. Ten pounds, can you believe it! And I have been wearing them for one and a half year now. Great.

                                                      One of my favourite items I bought in London are these heels. 
I have no pain when I wear these and they look great with a lot of different looks. I’ve got no idea where I bought them, but the shoe box says Irregular Choice. Don’t you think the website looks like a candy store? If I ever find the same shoes I’ll buy two more pairs. And I really hope they’re available in purple :-) 

The funniest store we ever went was the M&M Store. It was quiet and 4 floors, so we spent a lot of time over there! 

We bought two t-shirts and a present for our nephew and because we spent over fifty pounds, we got a M&M dispenser and two kilo’s of M&M’s for free. We like crazy things!

Now, about the sight seeing.
The thing is, most high schools in the Netherlands visit London for a few days. So many 16–year-olds have seen a lot in London, like St. Pauls Cathedral, changing of the guards, the Big Ben and more.
So did my hubs and I... and so we don’t do a lot of sightseeing! Weird right? But we always try to see one thing. Last time it was the Tower Bridge. As you can see, they were busy with the Olympic thing!


Hope to see you tomorrow for my final post in my London Favorites, about food!

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