Friday, 31 August 2012

High five for Friday, no 2!

What a lovely week it has been. It deserves a smiley.
:-D (Yes, I'm a smiley nerd. I use it in every text message. And email. And probably this post)

My five highlights of this week:

1. Food!
I went to this great Italian restaurant, named Terra Sarda. A true Italian guy owns it and throws his heart in it. So does his daughter. And the Italian chefs in the small kitchen. The food is so good!
Here’s my appetizer:

A delicious carpaccio di manzo (beef carpaccio).
2. Hmm... also food. Well not really, it's a drink.
Fanta strawberry kiwi. It's a leftover from France. Yummy. Pink. Sweet. My hubby finds it disgusting. 

Pink Fanta, cute! 
3. Photoshoot for our company, Boss Musical
My husband and I own a musicaltheatreschool. I LOVE it. Sixclasses of enthusiastic people (from 5 years old to 60 years old!) who love to sing, dance and act.
And we absolutely love to teach them. I'm so proud!
Next week we’re starting a new season, so we’re in the middle of promoting our school. And so we needed new pics!
Our great friends E & R, a photographer and a make-up artist, did our fotoshoot and it was so much fun!
R doesn't like to give someone a natural look. She likes to experiment, especially on my eyes. But I couldn't be "too much".
So she gave me the natural thing. But still used about sixteen colours on my eyes :-) 
(You should see her doing rainbow eyes on me!)

Here I am, carefully selecting my pics.
Can you find the new pics on our website?
4. Interview with a newspaper.
A journalist called us and interviewed a Boss Musical student. Nic, the girl who gave the anwers was very excited, and so were we!

I know. It's in Dutch. 
5. First rehearsal of the year!
For our open house this Sunday, we rehearsed some songs for the musicalperformance.
It was so much fun to see everybody after the summer break.Everybody was excited, had fresh energy and had even practised their songs!
It also is the first time we have 8-year-olds and 60-year-olds in the same performance.
Love it.

I'll show you a pic next week, when the performance has been done!

So, that was my week. 
How was yours?

Have a great weekend everybody! Feel free to leave a comment :-) (there's the smiley again...) 

And don’t forget to link up to Lauren when you write your High five for friday!

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