Friday, 7 September 2012

High five for Friday, no 3.

It’s Friday! Tell me, how was your week? What were your high fives of the week? 
We had our first week of the season at Boss Musical. Great students (old& new), lessons full of joy and excitement and a very happy mr & mrsBos.

My high fives of this week:

1. Open house at Boss Musical.
This was truly amazing! We gave three musicaltheatreworkshops, all very succesfull. (Is “succesfull” a word, or am I justliterally translating from the Dutch word…?) 
And our Boss Kids & Grown Ups did a great performance, I’m soooo proud!!
If you have time to watch…:
This is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (in Dutch, itends with “dasties” instead of “docious”). The woman playing Mary has started last year with the musicaltheatreclass. A year ago she hadn’t sung, danced or acted before, this year she’s Mary Poppins in this performance. How great is that!

And these are two adorable kids who sing Last night of theworld (Miss Saigon).
One word. Cute.

I know, this is a huge high five. I can’t help it. I am soooooo proud!

2. Food.
I don’t know how to call them in English. I'd describe them as chocolate covered spicy mini cookies. In Dutch we refer to them as “chocoladekruidnoten”. It’s related to Sinterklaas, a Dutch tradition. He’s Santa’s brother, but he celebrates his bday on Dec 5th. And no, I’m not explaining this. It’s weird and you wouldn’t understand. But feel free to type in“Sinterklaas” at Google to meet him.
Anyway, these minicookies turn any woman into an chocolate-mini-cookie-addict.
Be warned.

3. My brother’s birthday.
His lovely girlfriend threw him a surpriseparty. It was so much fun!
He had no idea all his friends were waiting for him to surprise him.
Good job girlfriend M!

4. Flowers.
Our little girl next door, 7 years old, joined our musicalclass for the first time. She was so excited she insisted she’d bringflowers for us.
How cute!

5. Water for elephants.
A couple of weeks ago I was looking for music, which had to breathe out magic, serenity, beauty, mystery and more of those terms. I ended up with music of the movie Water for elephants. I was so intriged that I bought the dvd! I have no idea what's it about, but I love the music and the mysterious cover.
I’ll let you know what I think of it as soon as I've seen it.
Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

So. These were my high fives for this week. I'd love to hear yours!
Link up to Lauren if you post your highfives too!

And have a lovely weekend everybody!

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  1. I loved the Water For Elephants book and have finally remembered to put the movie on my Que :)