Friday, 15 March 2013

High five for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!
How was your week?

My highlights of the past few weeks:

1. Premiere Sister Act
My friend Mark got tickets from a friend and asked me to go with him. This show is a must see, so hilarious and the music is great! 

2. Seeing Les Miserables
A friend of ours, a great theatre teacher, directed Les Mis on the high school where he teaches. It was great.
And the best part? My husband, in a spot in the back, conducting the whole piece. And wearing a bow :-)

3. Home made Dutch pea soup
I don’t think I can explain this Dutch soup. It probably doesn’t seem that good if you see the pic. But it’s delicious. A thick soup, made of green peas. Yum.

4. A little break.
We had half an hour left before work so my intern and I got us a nice McDonalds burger. Did anyone read my Le MacDo post? I’m very curious what a American Macmenu looks like :-)

5. Watching Sex and the City.
While I was watching a rerun on tv, my hubs was playing with his Ipad. He overheard some whining from Carrie and immediately said: “Is she breaking up with the jazz musician?” I laughed and kissed him. Because he was right. That means I watched this show way too many times.

Happy weekend!

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  1. What fun! Les Mis was a great movie, I thought! Have a wonderful weekend! #H54F