Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sabrina's Seven Sins - SLOTH

The seven sins. Yep, I found a new project. When I blogged a couple of years ago, I had this idea. To link my blogging life to the sins.
Seven posts, seven stories, seven sins of my life.
But I didn’t know where to begin. What are my sins? And do I want to tell about them? Well, as you may guessed I put the idea of these seven posts in a little corner in my head where I couldn’t see it.

I quite forgot about it, until my hubs mentioned the sins last week. And I remembered my idea. And I thought, let’s give it a try.
So here’s the first one (not in any particular order), Acedia.

Acedia is the Latin name for sloth.
I can tell ya, between the busy hours of work, I am very good at laziness.
Like today. Remember my first Fridaypost? I went to France with my husband. Friends or ours have a lovely little cottage in Normandy, and we got to spend a week there, as a gift for our wedding.
We loved it so much, they said we could go more often if we wanted.
And so it happened that our friends didn’t go to their cottage last week (during springbreak) and they invited us to go instead. Yes please!

But it’s a dangerous thing.
Because, what can you do in a little cottage? Exactly, nothing. And even more dangerous, we even planned to do nothing. Not a single thing. We were there to get some rest, to get well (I had nasty cold) and to get a big break from working.
The little plans we had were visiting Caen, getting us some good Calvados (the apple drink of this area) and eating many, many, MANY delicious things. (and there’s sin number two, gluttony. Very good at that too.)

So there we were. Day 1. It’s cold. I feel sick-ish. Hubs is relaxing. There are warm blankets. There’s a bath tub. French food.
I’m reading my latest Cosmopolitan. Got lots of e-books. We took our laptops with us to play stupid games en to write blogposts. To make this laziness even worse, I brought dvd’s of Grey’s Anatomy, and my hubs brought a lot of movies. Thank goodness there’s no internet here. I’d be on Pinterest all day. We got a lot of “doing nothing” ahead of us.

And because it’s Sunday and the supermarket is closed and we don’t know any restaurants here (and it’s at least 45 minutes driving on dark roads), we went to get us some fast food. I’m getting more ashamed of ourselves as I’m writing this. We’re in freaking France. And we went to McDonalds. In our comfy clothes. We went through the McDrive of course.
That McDonalds in France deserves another blogpost by the way, ‘cause I totally made myself look stupid. Ever tried to order a menu in French? Go on. Try it. Not that hard? And then imagine someone talking back in French. In like, very-fast-train-French. Ahaa. Didn’t go so well, did it? I know all about it.

Anyway. Enough blogging for today. Hubs is waiting for me. Grey’s anatomy is starting.

And now… what’s your definition of being lazy? 

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