Friday, 22 March 2013

High five for Friday!

Let’s share our five highlights of the week! I'm linking up with Lauren as usual.

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These are my highlights:

1. Birthday of a dear friend.
He invited us to go to a lovely Italian restaurant. I ordered the Calzone pizza and it was delicious!
My hubs ordered "something with pineapple" for dessert. They took it very seriously.

2. Mini cupcakes
Made them for our great musicians who are going to play the musical Chicago with us.

3. Post its
I’m such a nerd. I got this cute little book, filled with post its.
I fell in love. Why? Because the little coloured ones matched my big ones I already had!
The colours are off, but the big ones are exactly the same colours as the mini post its.

4. Our mug
It’s just a logo on a mug.
But it’s our logo.

5. Pictapgo
A new photo app for the Iphone. You should try it!
For example, I made a grainy, old photo from one of our wedding pics:

Original photo by Erick Kicken, KVX Photography
So, what have you been up to?

Happy weekend!

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