Friday, 12 April 2013


So after the very sad news my aunt had passed away, I was going through a lot of crazy things.
One moment so mad at myself for being too busy to visit her, other moments feeling better. Feeling guilty for feeling better.
Feeling joy seeing my students, who gave a lot of love this week. Most of them not knowing I was so sad.

So, here we are at the end of the week. The beginning of a weekend I do not want to start. Tomorrow is the funeral. But this is life. And we better celebrate it, than sit on our sad butts.

And because life always has a bright side, I better look at it today :-)

My five top things:

1. A nice present.
Our intern is leaving us and gave me two sorts of tea, chocolate and a box for tea. She is so sweet.

2. Villeroy and boch.
We have very expensive mugs, but we love to use them everyday. Why wait for special occasions? These are the espresso cup, the coffee mug and the tea mug (which I used for my cappuccino that morning).

3. Dinner date.
I saw my sweet and funny friend (and niece) Latoya and her boyfriend again, after months of not seeing her. She cooked us a delicious pasta and a Salad Caprese. I will leave out the part where we watched old videotapes of us lip syncing to the Backstreet Boys.

Oops, sorry for the weird iPhone-is-taking-a-picture-shadow.
And btw, the strawberry mint tea is great! 
4. Argento Shiraz.
Love it. I like to enjoy a good glass of wine after a day of hard work.

5. Group hug.
We were sitting in a circle with our youngest students. 5 and 6 years old. They were being a bit naughty by hitting Frank on his legs, belly and chest. “Enough!”, I said, “You can choose: Give him a hug ór don’t touch him.”
They smiled at me and immediately jumped on him for a hug. All twelve of them.
That one made my whole week.

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