Friday, 5 April 2013

High five for Friday!

Can’t say I’ve had an interesting, inspiring week.
Can’t name five highs. So I’ll just post a pics of something pretty i found this week. And the five things I love about it.

1. There are soooo many cute icons to choose from. I change them constantly ‘cause I’m not satisfied yet.
2. It’s mostly pink.
3. There are lots of dots.
4. I get very happy when I look at my iPhone.
5. I have an icon that calls my hubs when I tap it. It’s a picture of an apple. Because he’s an AppleFrank Applefreak.

Linking up with Lauren. Happy weekend!

The app is called Cocoppa. Have fun ;-) 


  1. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog and read about you and loved that the first thing you like is Grey's Anatomy! That is my FAVORITE show on TV!

    What app can you click on to call someone??

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Grey's Anatomy is the best!! I just started watching the first season again... They're all so young and cute. Ohhh and I miss George lol.

      The "telefoon" app is supposed to be the phone app, but it doesn't work unfortunately. But I made a shortcut to my husbands phonenumber, so I can call him by clicking that one ("Frank")