Friday, 19 April 2013

High five!

I’m busy preparing everything for our musical The Wiz of Oz this weekend, so it’s a quick high five today!

Five top things:

1. Seeing my cute neeces again.
Don’t we look a lot like each other?!

2. Icecream!
Cinnamon icecream with sugared pieces of cinnamon inside. Yum!

3. More icecream!
My birthday was Sunday and my friends and hubs took me to my fave restaurant. This was dessert :-)

4. Cute notebook.
The same friends gave me this cute notebook! Handmade by her sister, I totally love it! (and do you recognize our logo on it? Cool!)

5. Flowers.
Bought myself some flowers! And yes, one vase is a Coca cola glass and the other one's a wine bottle.

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth!
Happy weekend!

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