Tuesday, 9 April 2013


So we run a business.
It's succesfull, it makes me happy, it makes other people smile and it's full of love. Lots and lots of love.

But running a business is also very hard work.
People always say how you can manage your own time, that you can take the day off when you want to. That's not true of course. Who is going to teach when we take a day off? Who will be answering all the emails? Who will do my work? Exactly, no one will. So I have to do it myself. If I decide to get up two hours late, I'll go to bed two hours late too.
But yes, this business is our choice, so I'm not complaining.

Except today.
I have been working for 5 weeks in a row now. Not a single day off. I counted my working hours one week and decided never to count it again. Insane. But still, not complaining.
So let me tell you about the part I hate.
You can't see your friends and family often and run a business at the same time.
And I missed some important stuff.
I couldn't see our nephew eating his cake on his first birthday.
I couldn't play silly games at the babyshower of my very dear friend.
I couldn't visit my sick aunt in the hospital.
And she died today.
She. Died. Today.

You can probably imagine how I feel.
And you may ask, is it all worth it? Well, the answer is probably yes. Some kid will say something sweet to me tomorrow and I will smile, thinking this is just life.
And life is not supposed to be easy. And though bad things happened, lots of good stuff happened too. Lots!
It is just called life.

But today, life sucks.

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