Saturday, 20 October 2012

High five for Friday, no 7

It’s been a while. Things have been crazy around here and I skipped TWO High fives for Friday…
But though it's in the middle of the night here in Holland (and therefore Saturday), here I am, giving you my five highlights of the past week! 

1. Our one year anniversary!
I wrote about our beautiful wedding here, and wrote about a surprise lunch and our visit to Dutch wineyards here. (Is it wineyard of vineyard?)

Frank in the wineyard

2. Our nephew Nino.
Nino and his parents were here a couple of weeks ago and we played the whole afternoon with him. I got to babysit him this morning.
He’s so cute, the pics speak for themselves.

3. Cookiemonsterrrrrrs!
Next week is fall break and the last class before a break is a class where we do a lot of funny games. This time, they got to bring a stuffed animal… Frank has been taking our cookiemonster to the class the last years and a couple of kids were so in love that they bought their own! It’s a handpuppet, so we have a lot of fun with it.
See how cute this looks!

Frank and I used cookiemonster for a performance once. Can you tell what musicalnumber this is?

4. Sabai sabai.
A Thai restaurant. Yum! We discovered it with our friends a couple of months ago and now can’t stop eating there.

I can’t tell what it’s about yet, but there are big changes here in our company. We closed the door in one way, but another opened. And it opened BIG. I’ll tell more next week!

For now, have a great weekend!
I'm linking up to Lauren! Go to her blog to read other High fives for Friday.

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