Sunday, 14 October 2012

Our one year wedding anniversary, part two.

I promised a part two about our fantastic anniversary weekend.
So here it is!

The anniversary was on Sunday September 30th. A day before, our friends surprised us with a lovely lunch with even more friends and our parents. How cute!

Surprise!! #HowcouldInotseethatcoming... 
One of our friends is also our photographer for our school, events and other stuff (like the wedding). So I can show some nice pics instead of foggy Instagrams!

Thanks Erick!
Family & friends

My mum brought her pics from the wedding.

It was a lovely afternoon with lots of laughter and good food.
We talked about all the great things that happened a year earlier on our wedding day.

The next day.
How could we celebrate this day? It was a nice sunny day. Not as hot as a year ago, but exceptionally nice for September.
One thing was sure, dinner was reserved at a fancy restaurant!
But we wanted to see something, take walks in the sun.

So I googled. And I found out that this weekend was Wineyard Weekend. Many wineyards held open houses.
And what a coincidence, we love wine! My hubs is a huge wine freak. He loves to try out different kind of wines and we have a fridge, especially for wines. It has two departments, so you can adjust the temperatures to the wines (that is, if the thing weren’t broken…).  
His specialty is wine & dine. He cooks delicious meals and serves the wine that fits best. Quite a challenge sometimes! But he’s good at it. And I’m very good at tasting ;-)

Anyway, we went to two different wineyards (here in the Netherlands) and were quite surprised. Dutch wines aren’t the best, but these weren’t bad at all! We tasted the wines, bought Dutch cheeses from the local cheesefarm and walked through the wineyards. Lovely.
I’ll stop talking and let the pics speak for themselves. The wineyards are Wijngaard Dassemus in Chaam and Hof van Baarle in Baarle - Nassau.

And did you notice that I wasn't so lazy to pull out Instagram, but actually used my camera? It's not a fancy one, but the quality is so much better dan an Iphone pic!

Hope you enjoyed this post full of pics and happiness :-)

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