Saturday, 13 October 2012

Our one year wedding anniversary, part one

The last weeks were crazy, so I didn’t post… Shame on me... I even skipped two (!!) High fives for Friday :-(
But after a begging FB post from my biggest fan (read: my best friend), I’m now catching up and will throw some new posts on my blog tonight! But let’s start with this one.

Frank and I got married a year ago, on Sept 30th.
Before I tell you how our lovely anniversary weekend has been, I have to brag about our wedding.  Because it was a wonderful wedding, full of love, happiness, music, laughter and more of that.
So this is part one of my weddingblogposts :-)

The big thing was the wheather. In Holland, the sun is never on your side. The winter is cold and snowy, the fall is rainy, the spring is a bit of everything and the summer is… well, mostly depressing. Everybody was sceptical about it.
Except for me. I was só sure we’d have the sun on our side.
Our day would be sunny and warm. Why?

Well, when we first visited Herberg Vlietzigt (where we got married and partied), it was January. Cold and grey. But as soon as we walked in the garden where the ceremonies take place, it stopped raining. The sun came out!

The second time we visited, the sun said hello again.
The third time? Again, a hug with the sun.
So I was sure.
And I was right :-)

In September the wheather is usually 14 degrees (celsius).
A week before the wedding I dared to look at the forecasts. Oh my goodness. It will be around 25 degrees. And sunny. Was I really getting wat I hoped for?
Five days before the wedding. It was 24 degrees, but the forecasts said everyday would be a degree warmer. Oh – my – goodness! It will be warm!!
The day of the wedding. 30 degrees. Sunny. Warm.
So we got married in the sun, in that beautiful garden.

Our dear friend did our ceremony, except for the official part. He told a great fairytale story about Frank & me, and all our adventures. He was dressed as the king of hearts. It was funny, beautiful, touching and had, of course, musical underscores haha!

The ceremony.
And did I tell you that the Boss Kids (our students) sang Can you feel the love tonight when we walked down the aisle? They also blew bubbles when we walked out. 
Lots of our friends and family cried that day :-)

Why my weird expression? They were blowing directly on our faces of course! 
My favorite part of the day? I don’t know, I have lots!
Seeing my gorgeous man in his suit.
Walking down the aisle.
Our first dance (we sang and danced Time of my life and flashmobbed some of our friends in it).
Some pics of favorite moments:

The photoshoot. 
The "I DO"!
And of course the dress! But the putting on part was horrible. Very hot, very crowded, very long. 
Want to know something else amazing?
We visited Herberg Vlietzigt a couple of times after our wedding. We performed a wonderful Christmasshow there. We rehearsed with our Boss Kids. We visited to drink a cup of coffee with the lovely owners.

And everytime, the sun came out.

See you soon for part 2, the anniversary weekend! 

The amazing photography by Erick Kicken.


  1. It was a day we never forget! So amazing, and sooooooooooooo hot! ;-)

    It's me, your biggest fan and you even mentioned me!
    Now I can sleep and having nice dreams!