Friday, 26 October 2012

High five for Friday, no 8.

Yay, Friday is here!
How was your week?

Mine was themed Halloween! My hubs and I run a team of twenty actors in a themepark here in Holland and this fall break has been a full, exhausting week, but so much fun!
This is already a highlight of the week :-)

Here are the other highlights:

1. Franks birthday!
We had a lovely lunch, just the two of us, and then had a nice party for our family and friends.
Have I mentioned I love him? Well, I do. LOVE him.

2. Katie’s gluten free apple pie.
Lovely Katie (the girl from the art jars) made Frank delicious little apple pies for his birthday. Frank has recently discovered that gluten free food is better for his health. But we’re not really into baking gluten free. Cooking is not that difficult (though we’re not that strict since he's not allergic), but baking is something different! Here are Katie's pies:

Cute and delicious!
(I’m such a bad photographer. I pimped this photo using Instagram. I promise I’ll get better.)

3. The Little Mermaid.
This is my ultimate favorite Disney movie EVER! I watched it a thousand times when I was a little girl.
Tuesday we went to the musical. It was lovely to see the mermaids flying, to hear the fantastic music and to see the great costumes. But I didn’t like the things that were different than the movie.
For example, in the movie I loved Flounder, who’s always around and so darn cute! But his part was quite little in the musical. And he was anything but cute...
But, I did enjoy this musical! 

Funny thing, we ran into two of our students that evening. This is me with student Daan!

4. Dinner with friends.
I love having dinner with friends. So we do it often. With lots of friends. Sometimes we cook, sometimes they cook, sometimes we go out. This time our friends cooked us a delicious meal!  
Dessert was really funny. Our cooking friend saw these little cakes at the bakery and they had such funny names, he had to take them with him.
“Recession cakes.” Cute little cakes for a nice price. So everybody can afford it. Recession cakes. I can see the humour of it!

What it is exactly? Two hazelnut merengues with a cream of
coffee inside and on top whipped cream with a little snow of cinnamon.
Yum, yum, yum.

5. My brand new DKNY watch.
I am so in loooove with my new watch! I’ve never bought a watch before, because I always take them off when I’m teaching, rehearsing or performing. But I find it annoying to pull out my Iphone to check the time when I’m teaching of in a meeting, so I bought a watch.
A beautiful watch.
I was searching for a small elegant one, it had to look like a bracelet and I wanted some bling. Check, check and check!
Cute, right?
 I first wanted the silver one, 'cause I liked the bling on it. But this dark coloured one was so much better on my brown skin.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Lauren as usual.
Have a great Friday and a happy weekend!