Friday, 14 September 2012

High five for Friday, no 4

Oh gosh, how the time flies!
Yet another Friday.
Since the schoolseason has started quite busy, I haven’t been able to write about other stuff, but I’m sure I’ll write more later.

Here are my high fives of this week:

1. A day off!
It’s rare in our life that we have days off. We (hubs & I) work lots of hours to achieve our goals with our company and constantly move forward. Especially when everyone’s in this economic crisis, you have to outstand to survive. Luckily, we survive. So we must be outstanding, right?
Anyway, a lesson I’ve learned the hard way, is that you have to take a break sometimes. And there the day off came in.
I welcomed it. I loved it. And the next day I went back to work with a smile!

2. Mini musicalcharacters.
Our kids performed on a local festival. We decided to dress them as different musicalcharacters and it was soooo cute!
We had a mini Phantom, Annie, Oliver, Shrek & Fiona, Glinda & Elphaba, Legally Blonde’s Elle, Mary Poppins and lots more.
I’ll show pics soon!

3. The market.
Not just any market. Nope. (I like that too btw)
A market full of fabrics! I’m a huge fan of colour, dots, stripes, chevron… And this market had it all.
I was so in love that I forgot to take pictures!
But here’s a pic of what I'm making of my new fabrics, an apron. The red is actually hot pink.

In the pic it’s almost finished, the top turned out to be too big so I'll have to adjust it. But isn't it cute already??

4. Rehearsal in Herberg Vlietzigt.
Because of the voting in Hollland we couldn’t rehearse in our usual place, so we went to Herberg Vlietzigt. We married there, almost  year ago. It’s such an amazing place. It has a beautiful garden where we said our vows and a couple of nice spaces for party’s.
Nice detail, when we go there, the sun ALWAYS shines. And that’s a miracle in this rainy country.
(the pic was taken late at night, so unfortunately no sun in the picture).

And yes, that's cookiemonster. A student got it for her birthday and took it to our class. So funny!  

5. Bday party.
Not mine, but of two students becoming 9 years old. One child’s mother invited me to do a dance workshop on their party. The kids didn’t expect to see me, so were very surprised and excited.
It was so much fun, really great to see twenty happy faces, doing my choreographies.

I’m linking up with Lauren again! Are you too?
Have a nice weekend!


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