Friday, 21 September 2012

High five for Friday, no 5.

Happy Friday everyone!
After a weird week of not sleeping much and lots of coffee, it finally became Friday.

My high fives of this week:

1. About me.
I worked on my “Meet Sabrina” page! It’s not yet what I want, but it’s a start. I’ve read a lot of blogs and their about me’s, but I can’t figure out what I want to be online and what not.
It must be personal, but not too. Colourful, but not a chaos. What do you miss in my Meet Sabrina-page?

2. Body rock.
I hate sports. Don’t get me wrong, dancing is sports too. But I mean the gym, anything with a ball flying around and running around in teams or alone. But I have to stay fit, so I have no choice.
I used to go to the gym, but I got bored. Then I started running, but I got bored. I’ve tried classes at the gym. Boring.

My latest sportshobby is Body Rock. Short interval trainings. This website does another workout every day! Am I loving it? I don’t know. I like that it’s short. And you have trainers who kick your ass. I like that feeling of burning muscles after a workout. And after just one week I can do more pushups than ever before. I see results! So I’ll try to hang in there. Try. Because I’m actually already bored.
Any other bodyrockers out there?

3. Katie’s art jar.
Katie inspired me to to a weekly project (which is the High five for Friday). She read about dayly projects, 365-days-projects, and she started one. Every day she makes an artpiece out of a glass jar and puts it somewhere outside. Anyone who finds it, can keep it, or can put it on a new place, creat a new jar or whatever. Lots of finders are touched by the gesture, and feel joy finding a little piece of art.
Wednesday Katie gave me a jar she made that day. The day before we talked about the project, how she couldn’t always find the time or motivation. Talking about it gave her the inspiration to do another one, but it turned out so nice, she wanted me to have it.
And I am sooo happy with it! So touched.

The note says: "A tear is like a lense, it makes you see things you
otherwise would have missed." Beautiful.
Thanks Katie!!

4. Food!
My hubs and I took some time for ourselves and ate some lovely sushi together.
Need I say more? :-)
Uhm yes, that's a springroll there in the back. And some pisang goreng.

5. Make up artist assistent.
My friend Rochi gave a make up workshop for a couple of elderly women and she needed help. So I got to be her assistent!

Rochi & me. (Can you tell I still love Instagram? I like
the earlybird button haha)

It was really cool and so funny. All those women, playing with colourful eyeshadows, putting on foundation, holding the brushes the wrong way. But they all walked out looking beautiful!
It was a nice morning. And we got pancakes for lunch.

Are you linking up to Lauren yet? It’s great to read all those High fives.
Have a great weekend!


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