Friday, 28 September 2012

High five for Friday, no 6.

This week was a hard one. The fall wheather arrived, I didn’t sleep well and I’ve had some tough talks to do for work. I don’t like this rainy, cold wheather, I get annoyed by missing hours of sleep and I don’t like to tell people bad news. So it kinda sucked.
But that’s life. And in this life, there’s still a sunny thing in all this rain, which is High five for Friday!


How was your week? Tell me in the comments below!
These are my highlights:

1. Dinner with friends.
Remember when we had a nice vacation in France? The cute house belongs to friends. To thank them, we cooked for them last week. Frank made some awesome pasta with sardines and I made tiramisu. We talked so much I forgot to take pictures!

2. A lovely postcard.
These days not many people send postcards. Except one of my aunts! She loves to send sweet cards. Every birthday or holiday I receive the cutest cards from her. Today this one came in the mail:

She sent it to congratulate us with our one year anniversary! How cute!
(We got married on Sept 30th, oh how the time flies!)

3. Vacation!
Since the rain was pouring, we decided to book our annual Decembervacation. We don't mix well with rain, storm, snow and cold. So every year we try to go to a nice and sunny place in December. What it will be year? Israel!

4. Movies.
I like to watch feel good movies in my bed. When I couldn’t sleep this week I watched Sex and the city (the first movie). Love it.

This is actually a pic from the second movie. But I love the pic.
5. Looking forward to a new week.
After a week like this, it can only get better next week.
And it looks good, ‘cause Sunday is our one year anniversary!

By Erick Kicken,

Nice weekend everybody!


  1. such a lovely post! i love watching sex and the city,,,the movies are great!

    happy friday!

    xo, sarah grace

    1. Hi Sarah Grace!

      Thanks! SATC is so much fun! I watched the second movie last night :-) Although.. I tried, 'cause I fell asleep haha.
      Have a nice weekend!