Saturday, 29 September 2012


Compliments are such nice and warm gifts in life. I love the warmth and love in a compliment. I love that people want to tell you something sweet. But most of all, I love those compliments about things you didn’t do “on purpose”. The ones that are hidden in a message. And I love it even more when they’re from a kid we teach.
I love our kids.

Last week, a mom came up to me. She had just brought her 9-year-old to our musicalclass.
“Sabrina, I couldn’t say it in front of him, but he is really ill. His stomach hurts and he has been on the toilet the whole day. But when I said to him he couldn’t go to his musicaltheatreclass, he looked at me with this sad face and said: “But mom, musicaltheatre is the móst important thing in my life! You can’t take that away from me!”
Aaaaahhhh, how cute!
A hidden compliment :-)

Another example.
A lot of kids have different kind of hobbies. Not just musicaltheatre, but also soccer, hockey, swimming, playing instruments etc.
Our amazing pianist has got three daughters in our classes. Three daughters means a lót of hobbies! When the summer break came and they had to choose which hobbies they’d wanna keep, all three answered: “No matter what, musicaltheatre stays!”
Another hidden compliment that makes me smile.

But the greatest compliment ever was something else.
When we got married, our kids made a huge book where they all filled out their names and answered questions.
Can't read it? It's Dutch ;-) Hoera mean hooray!
They crafted away... (this one notes she didn't have a letter S anymore)
One of the questions was “What did you learn from Frank & Sabrina?” I was so proud to read that most of them didn’t answer “How to sing” or “How to dance”, but answered “How to be self-confident.”
Of course I started crying after such a sweet, great, hidden, kidcompliment.

Another question was “What is Sabrina good at?”
At Frank they filled out “Being funny” or “Singing”.
The answers after my name were “Dancing” and…. “Giving hugs”.

Gimme the darn Kleenex.

Did I mention tomorrow is our one year anniversary? Excited!

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