Monday, 12 November 2012

Doing the Kate.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a hairstylist and make up artist.
The plan never made it though. I became a musicaltheatreperformer/teacher, and I’m loving it, but I’m still very interested in doing hair & make up.

My good friend (who is a make up artist), likes to experiment on me and teach me all kinds of stuff. Sometimes I whatsapp her a pic when I’m getting ready for a performance and she comments with “more eyeliner” or “nice blending”. She's lovely. 

Via Pinterest I came across the fabulous blog from Kate Bryan, The Small Things Blog. I know how to curl my hair and style it, but I’m learning so much from her video tutorials!
So lately I’ve been doing a couple of Kate hairdo’s. I’m doing the Kates. And everytime I thought, I have to make pics for my blog! But you know how it goes. No time.

Lots of questions on Kate’s blog are “Can you do it on longer hair?” and she always answeres yes, but there’s no example. Well, that’s where I thought I could come in. :-)
A week ago I went to the great concert of Scott Alan, and I did a Kate too. Again, no time. But I hurried and got my (hubs) camera to take a few shots. Very fast. No tripod. Bad lighting. But it’s something!
So I’m sorry for the poor pics (I’ve been playing with the white balance as the original photos were yellowish, but I wanted my hair to be well seen, so the pics still have a weird colour), but here’s my result:

I know. The camera is in the photo too. And an orange towel. *rolling my eyes and not believing I'm posting this*

What did I do?
I curled my hair doing this tutorial:
I don’t do a lot of teasing, ‘cause my hair just won’t stay up. It’s heavy, long and smooth, not the best combination for big hair.

I also did a little knot, as seen in this tutorial:

Again, not a great pic, but just enough to see it works on longer hair too.

What I did different:
My hair ends tend to get fuzzy when I comb through it, so I don't do that. (Sorry Kate...)
And I used a curling iron that's a bit smaller than an inch. I really want a bigger one!

So, next time I'll try not to hurry and take some good photos. And I'll do a Kate on straight hair too.
But now I'm curious.
What do you like to do with your hair?

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