Friday, 9 November 2012

High five for Friday, no 10!

My 10th Fridaypost!
I’m linking up with Lauren again, from the From my grey desk blog.

From My Grey Desk
My high fives for this week:

1. DIY-ing my home office.
I suck at finishing projects. It’s a miracle I finish blogposts. My DIY projects are mostly never finished. For my Dutch readers, remember this? It has two coats of primer and a colour on it. But it’s not even near to what I want with it. And remember that cute apron I was sewing? Still has pins in it.
Anyway, I started decorating my home office and it’s going to be awesome. In like 2014.

The supplies. I admit, all from Ikea. I live three minutes from one.
Hello addiction.

2. Concert Scott Alan.
I loved the man and this concert. I loved my friend in it. I loved those two belting women.

3. Hubby cooked me a meal.
Twice. And delicious. But I forgot to take pics!
He’s a great cook and likes to experiment, especially with our favorite recipes from Jamie Oliver.

4. A little present.
Hubs bought me a movie. I haven’t seen this one yet, but the trailer made me laugh so hard that I can’t wait!

5. Doing the Kate.
Kate? Yep, Kate. You know, the awesome girl who does the great hairtutorials on The Small Things Blog. I like doing my hair and so I did “a Kate” hair do, following a hairtutorial from her. There wil be a blogpost about it soon!

Happy weekend everybody!

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