Friday, 16 November 2012

High five for Friday, no 11.

Happy Friday everyone!
How are you feeling now the fall is really here?
I don’t like the rain and the grey skies, but I do like to relax at home and watch movies with a cup of tea. 

Here are my highlights of this week:

1. A day at the spa.
Sauna, steambaths, bubble baths, fresh fruitdrinks, a massage and my husband.
I could breathe. I could relax.
And nope, I don’t have pics of ourselves swimming around in our naked butt!

2. Grandma and grandpa’s 55 year anniversary!
We went to church with the whole family and then had a nice dinner together. Here’s the happy couple:

I know, I look a bit different on this pic, right? It’s because it’s my sister :-)
We’re not twins, but we could be! 

3. Working on my home office.
I’ve been drilling holes and hanging stuff on the walls and it begins to look nice. Not quite there yet, but here’s a sneak peek:

I love color!

4. Polishing our weddingrings.
Looking all shiny again! This is a pic from the wedding.

Photography Erick Kicken @

5. My crazy husband.
Sent me a sweet postcard.
Plays the dog Sandy when the kids are rehearsing a scene from the musical Annie.

So funny, the kids always look at him thinking,
"What is he doing?!"

I linked up with Lauren from From my grey desk.

Happy weekend everybody!

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