Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thankful Thursday.

I’m not the most committed blogger.
I write whenever I feel like it, but I don’t do it very often. Therefore, I like doing the Fridayposts, just so I keep writing. 
Via these Fridayposts I found Sarah Grace, blogging on She left me a comment on a blogpost and I took a look on her blog. She’s cool!

A couple of weeks ago she started a linking up party, Thankful Thursday.
Every Thursday she posts about what she’s thankful for. I love the positivity of it, it gives me a nice feeling. And I believe blogging about gratitude will help me being more positive, so I’m joining Sarah Grace and am being thankful today!

Here we go.

I’m thankful for our great business.
I love teaching kids how to dance and sing. They are so joyful, loving, funny, warm. Whenever I have a bad day, there’s always one who says something really funny. Or gives me a hug without knowing I’m sad.
I’m thankful for those kids.
I’m thankful for their great parents, who help us set up our musicalproductions. Who can’t wait to start making costumes, collect props and building stuff we need. We can’t do it without them!
I’m thankful for friends who help us.
For my best friend who is always there.
For our parents who support us.
For our lovely, new teachers.

But most of all, I’m soooooo thankful for my husband.
I could tell a thousand reasons why, but it would make a very long post.
I’ll just give you today’s reason why I love him.
This came in the mail:

He sent me a postcard :-)
Are you linking up too? Let me know! Love to read your posts.

Oh and before I forget, I’m also thankful for Sarah Grace, who makes the world a little bit better with her great Thankful Thursday!


  1. so glad you linked up! that is such a cute card! what a great surprise to get in the mail! :)

  2. Great things to be thankful for!!! :) :)
    AND i went to respond to your comment and realized you're a no-reply comment/blogger.
    aka when you leave a comment someone can't respond to it via email....womp womp
    Go here, and she explains everything. Let me know when it works by commenting on mine and then I will email ya back and voila!!