Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Seeing Scott Alan live. Wow!

Yesterday was exciting.
Scott Alan was here, in Holland.
And I got to see him!
I know what you’re thinking. Who is Scott Alan?
Well, if you’re in a musicaltheatre world, you’ll know him. He writes incredible songs that tell great stories and has all kind of musicalstars singing it for him. Awesome.

Yesterday he gave a concert in Amsterdam with three amazing musicalsingers, Willemijn Verkaik, Renee van Wegberg and my dear friend Freek Bartels. Scott Alan announced the concert last Thursday on Twitter and the concert sold out in 24 minutes! Luckily, Freek had a ticket left and I got to see the concert.
And I really wouldn’t want to have missed it.
It was an evening full of beautiful written songs, sung by these amazing people. An evening of emotions, a gay audience and the great Scott Alan.

What I loved about it, was how personal he got.
He likes to talk, so he announced every song with a story. And even though he has a lot of humour and he’s a cheerful person, you can feel his pain and see his soul in his sad stories.
He wrote a song about coming out of the closet. And about being bullied. But, and there’s the humour, also a song about his dog. That last one turned out to be a great lovesong for weddings. Funny how it’s really about a dog, right?

Anyway. I consider myself a nice writer. I think I’m good at it. But I’m still so full of emotions, because of yesterdays concert. I can’t write today.
So I’ll stop talking.
Just listen to this. It’s one of my favourite songs of him, sung by Willemijn Verkaik:

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